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Bags with Prints

Bags with prints 2016, a must to face the spring on the right foot. From bags at Prada and Moschino Braccialini oversize shoulder straps and Roger Vivier, here’s the most glamorous. Are one of the coolest trends for spring summer 2016, although…
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Floral Summer Bag

Among the bags for spring summer 2016 are staged floral patterns: among blooming flowers on the bags and flower gardens that seem to come out from Flemish paintings, here’s the most glamorous accessories of warm weather. Blooming flowers and colorful gardens on…
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Cute Mini Bag

For years we have only worn extra large bags that have allowed us to take with us anything without making any selection and without leaving anything at home, but are you ready to turnaround? For some time shopping bag and cases they…
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Bucket Bag for Summer

They made their appearance last spring, have been one of the most popular autumn-winter trends and are not absent in the new collections that many brands have presented for the new season. The bucket bags are one of the must-have accessories for…
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Personalized Gucci Bag

The watchword in fashion is customization. There are many brands that allow us to have accessories and exclusive clothing, customized according to our tastes and our needs.And the bags are definitely accessories that best lend themselves to be edited to become…
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Oilily Flower Check

Just in time the new autumn / winter bags and accessories line “Flower check” oilily on the market comes to the 177. Munich Oktoberfest from September 18 to October 4 2010. So the small “XS Handbag” n is ideal for an evening on…
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Sienna Miller Prada Saffiano

Sometimes we girls we fix something and not give up the most, with bags often happens, right? For example, I recently I set with my handbag in purple velvet with a felt flower on the front, I take her everywhere. We can afford to always go…
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Dior 3D Handbag

Despite the Roger Vivier has dedicated one of its own stock exchange, the First Lady of France Carla Bruni Sarkozy not turn his back to John Galliano and Dior. Recently, in fact, was paparazzi with her ​​husband Nicolas Sarkozy to the arm 3D Dior,…
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Leather Travel Bag

Leather Travel Bag Vintage: The style as lifestyle. In the family of leather bags, beautiful, true, leather travel bag has a particular style that can easily divert for daily use as long as the bag in question has style. It is this style…
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Bag Color for Summer

Fancy colors to accessorize your outfits this summer? But what to choose when you have not used? Rose, I dare? Blue, can I? Green, I agree? I give you my opinion on the colors to wear this season!

Summer Bag Sale

If there is a milestone in the year that we start thinking of weeks in advance, and no we don’t want to talk about the World Cup football but rather the famous SALES period!! It’s the perfect opportunity to be able…
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Most Stylish Weekend Bags

Attention to detail is essential for a perfect style. To pay any part of the clothing a thought, even the garment used extremely rarely, does wonders. That is why this week’s contributions to the wardrobe almost indispensable garment, weekend bag.

The Tote Bag

To find a functional bag and at the same time stylish bag is rarely an easy task. Either your bag too bulky to carry with them to work or just too small to hold even important documents. For available times when the…
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Three Indispensable Bags

The bag remains the stilsäkraste accessory. To choose väsktyp and design on this is far from an easy choice. How and when can it be used? In order to cover all needs are three models are often quite enough.

How to Choose a Computer Bag

Computer man bag, how to choose? Le computer for man bag became an indispensable accessory for the urban young on his way to work. Indeed, many companies lend a computer to their employee to work at home, making his mandatory transport.