Tucano Tubi, Bags and Backpacks to Carry Our Gadgets by Bike

Not only of backpacks for computer and tablets covers live brands of computer accessories. New Tucano Tubi, they now reach Spain, are an example.

These backpacks and shoulder bags have been designed for your main application in bicycles. If this is your usual means of transport to work or College, there are four models to choose from. In all of them it has been first resistance, ergonomic and lightweight.

The four models arriving in Spain are Backpack, Messenger, Slim Case and Utility Bag. All of them include numerous pockets and compartments that van identified with icons to know at a glance what have inside, so if it is an electronic equipment as if it’s water, maps and tools.

These backpacks and shoulder bags can be folded and wrapped so that they take up little space when not in use. And as we have shown has been thought to use bicycle, for example, the model Tubi Messenger carries the back surface non-slip material so once settled not move nor of lurches.

The four models are now available starting from 50 euros.