The North Face Backpack Surge Test–II Charged

For business or pleasure, more and more often we need to move with digital device to remain connected, taking pictures, telling our businesses on social, search for travel information.Switched on and working, of course. There are products to keep your devices charged while we are moving, but they are usually quite limited.

So The North Face has chosen to integrate a battery power system directly into a backpack, this Surge II Charged. The idea is not bad, because the solution designed by the American company answers many practical needs and most importantly eliminates any concern with respect to the charge of the devices. Not surprisingly won the Ispo 2013 in category backpacks-action.

This Surge is defined “by city”, but in fact is a handyman from 32 litres which performs well everywhere–even has a compartment for the bottle, a lobster claw and some features present in hiking backpacks. After using it as a work bag, we took him with us during a two-week treks between sea and hills and has fully convinced us. Of course the system devised by North Face cannot charge laptops but only smartphones, tablets, and mp3 players.

The battery is a solid Joey to polymer, water resistant and shock resistant, developed specifically for outdoor activities. Consists of a basic unit (11.5 x 7.1 x 1.5 cm), which fits in a Pocket, and a satellite (5.7 x 3.1 x 1.8 cm) to attack the usb cables or micro usb (one is included).

Insert the plug into our Galaxy Tab, which we place neoprene and protected compartment for tablets and computers (there is a 17 “) and we walk forgetting of the Tablet (there’s also the fast charge). Ditto for the iPad Mini that we keep in the other slot. Or for the smartphone, which move out of pocket in your Pocket more or less frequent depending on the use we make of it: very handy for instance one with zip on the right side, which we reach by hand on the third ring.

The backpack has small holes between a magazine and another to pass the wires and avoid logistical complications, so that we can leave our gadgets always in their place: it is a plus that increases comfort.

The Hyperrestaurant promises compatibility with almost all portable products: Apple, Android, Kindle, ebook, tablets and Smartphones of all houses, photo and video cameras, gps, Bluetooth headsets, printers and scanners, head lights, etcetera.

On holidays the battery allows us more than a week of partial refills while at work we use your smartphone to more sustained rhythm and every 2-3 full charges we have to refresh the battery Joey by usb cable; to understand where is the charge there are three highly visible led.In any case the battery optimises the management off or passing in “suspended” when the devices are full of energy.

The other aspect of the Surge — the backpack itself, is an excellent support for short hikes and beach trips, or as a ‘ fork ‘ stands for a long vacation. It has three main compartments: one for the laptop, an organizer and one among these, wide and deep. But also a multitude of pockets, zip fly networks for the most diverse needs.

It’s not very light (1.5 kg), but also because he didn’t feel, shoulder padded and the spinal canal, while the shoulder pads are light and well shaped. There are also a chest belt and a longer walks or challenging ventral (but nothing to do with those of climbing or hiking backpacks). Waterproof zippers are all made of insulating material, which leaves us peacefully on the safety of our gadgets.

Over the holiday … we continue to use the Surge in daily activities.

Pros: -one. The battery life. Good for all seasons and occasions

Cons: a bit slow battery power-base

Suitable for: who moves outdoor business, who cannot move without digital trinkets