Revisited by Frida Giannini of Gucci Bamboo Bag

To celebrate his 90 years, the florentine brand Gucci revamps its famous bag, launched in 1947. And put tassels and slung in the spotlight.

In the secret of the Florentine workshops of Gucci, the leather workers divert know-how and tools of body builders since 1947. And especially the technique of heating with a blowtorch to arch the Cove of the Bamboo handbag.

Launched at a time of rationing of raw, Gucci Bamboo model was designed in a robust Tuscany boar leather, double two pockets hiding a small mirror.

Outside, its handle and his bamboo cane clasp earned him his name and destiny of bestseller. Exotic touches on a rather classical form, he was no more to seduce the elegant 50s and 60, in the image of Vanessa Redgrave in the film ‘Blow up’ of Michelangelo Antonioni.

The year of the icons

Frida Giannini, the Creative Director of Gucci, has imagined “Collection 1921′, which reinterprets the use of clamps, flanges, the GG Monogram and the coat of arms for the 90 years of the brand. Also the New Bamboo bag in cowhide (€ 2 250) or crocodile, in various colours including green bottle: House color.

More than sixty years after its launch, this iconic bag of Gucci always called upon a particular manufacturing process. Each piece of leather is carefully cut to the unit and the scalpel.

Then stung by hand for Assembly in a very specific order which gradually the linings and loops, or straps and tassels fringed for the ninetieth anniversary versions, named New bamboo.

These can collect up to hundred and forty parts and different pieces, requiring a minimum of 13 hours of work. And exceptional help to heat the bamboo without burning it, bend without breaking. In short, an art!