Outsider Goods – Wallet Male Vertical Hand-Stitched

There are a range of options of portfolios of the male on the market to suit all tastes. Wallets of leather, suede, fabric and other materials. No matter the compartments that you want, or style that you are looking for, it exists. Which works best depends very much on the day-to-day, but independent of the model, I prefer leather, and preferably with the manufacture’s manual. If you agree with me, an excellent new option in the square is the Outsider Goods, completely made by hand in Betim, here on the side side of Belo Horizonte.

Outsider Goods – Wallet Male Vertical Hand-Stitched

I met Felipe, the creator of the brand, personally, and I was honoured to receive this wallet male vertical brand gift. It is a simple design but that we don’t see much in the brands craft, and is working very well for me. It is made in leather, robust in tone caramel. The hand sewing is done in-line waxed beige super tough. Has space for 4 cards, drivers LICENSE, money and more paperwork. Is a wallet simple and compact. Is fine and with a few offices, did not give a lot of volume in the pockets and forces you to load only what you need.

We have the pleasure of living in an era in which we can know of far too many interesting people, thanks to the Internet. Never lack inspiration when you take a time to browse. It is always a mystery to figure out who they are, what paths they followed, which the work that they do and what is the story behind the photos and “stories”.

When I have the opportunity to meet one of these figures closely, don’t let it go, whatever the place in the world. If the inspiration is near, what joy! Me enable to meet other people who identify with the essence of “handmade” in Brazil is the biggest achievement of the Just Wanted to Have One.

As I said, who is behind the Outsider Goods is Felipe, photographer of weddings, which for some time has been dedicating to the leather in your free time. In fact, exploring the Instagram you realize that he has the vein manual strong. Since 2008, already dedicated part of their time to manual labor. Initially in wood, and since 2015, with the leather.

As most of these cases, the products were born out of the need. Appears a small personal project, there were the first prototypes to break a twig, and with them the taste. He told me how since then, has honed the techniques so that the idea was born to start a brand on top of the values of simplicity and durability. And so, at the end of 2016, was born the Outsider Goods

The exchange of messages by inbox and I met with Philip to see up close the work, to take a coffee, and chat about photography. I really liked wallet bifold vertical when seen in photos, and even more so when seen close up. The product is handmade but don’t have the face of “craft” in the sense of an unfinished product, no packaging, identity, etc. I was surprised with the accuracy of the seams, and especially with the tone of the leather in a copy you have already used.

The Outsider Goods is developing its own leather. When new, it is a little “dry” but strongly absorbs the oils and becomes far more beautiful after you used. To speed up the process, I spent a little Huberds Shoe Oil in my. I really liked the result caramelado, which also begins to pick up the blue of my jeans on the edge.

Speaking of the edge, the finish on the ends of the wallet is simple. I think you can see in the photo above. The sanding is done by hand and looking from the side the layers of leather are not as homogeneous as in the sanding machine. This is the only detail of construction that can improve. The rest is fine, with symmetrical clipping and curves, precise lines and finished strong.

We aroveitamos to take some photos, which you are seeing scattered by the post. Break, I wore a bracelet with shackle stainless steel that Felipe also took on the day (the cool thing is that on the site you can enter the size of your wrist, and it cuts off especially for you). I hope the images are able to convey the special work that he does.

To keep my curiosity for clothes, boots and accessories after so many years of writing this blog, and a period working in this industry is something that, fortunately, is easy to do. It seems that every year there are more and more artisans, stylists, tailors, factories and fabrics making exceptional products. Felipe is one of those people – a craftsman of leather goods made in Minas Gerais, which makes beautiful handbags and accessories hand-sewn, as a product of these should be. The feeling of having such a gift in the hands is pure luxury.

Check out the website of Outsider Goods and share the post with your friends! Support the small manufacturers. Support the people who work their crafts with passion and integrity.