Magic Cheats for Combining Bags with Shoes

Do you go crazy every morning to create a look that combines your bag and shoes? Do you never look good when you face the mirror? Do not know what to do to get a harmonious outfit? Do not panic! You are not the only one, because this is one of the main headaches that appear to us when choosing the costumes of each day.

Magic Cheats for Combining Bags with Shoes

The times change, especially in the world of fashion, and is that if you had to follow a series of basic rules to make the look you were going to take each day, now has given way to improvisation, which is going to be The main protagonist.

No more combining white with black and white with black. Now you can go a little further and look for more original and surprising combinations, but be careful, you do not have to go. If you take too much risk you run the risk of breaking your look. Do not try to combine roses with oranges or yellows with reds, totally forbidden!

And no one is surprised to see a woman who looks a black bag with a brown boots, and vice versa. Just have a look at some of the main celebrities to realize. Actress Jenna Dewan is one of those who opts for this combination.

Now the key is in contrast, and even if the trend has changed, there must still be some harmony between your bags and shoes. You want to know more? Well read on, then we give you some magic tricks that can be a great help.

Similar, But Not Identical

To get the best contrast and boast a very chic image, it is best to bet on matching colors that are similar but not identical. Try to combine different shades of the same color and dare also with different materials.

Because a dress with a black bag and black heels is a classic that looks great and is a bet on the winning horse, but sometimes you feel like surprising something different , right?

Big Bag, Discreet Shoes

Keep in mind that only one can be a protagonist, either the bag or the shoes, but not both. Soif you are going to choose to wear a super big bag that captures the attention of your look, opt for some more discreet shoes that go a little more unnoticed.

A large or super big bag, a pair of skinny pants and high heels will combine perfectly and will allow you to boast of a really attractive look.

Dare With The Animal Print

All that we have told you about risk, forget it completely when you go to wear some heels or an animal print print bag , one of the main trends today.

Do not even think about combining tiger with leopard, snake with zebra or flowers with flowers. If you wear an animal print purse, be clear that the shoes should be flat, and vice versa.

Sport Chic

The sport chic is shown as one of the most used trends today, mainly since the prestigious Karl Lagerfeld decided to incorporate the sneakers to the walkways .

And is that, why can not you be dressed up with a pair of sneakers? In fact this is one of the keys of the working girls, who combine elegance with comfort.

Here the options when it comes to choosing a bag that matches perfectly are many, although certainly the bag bags stand out above the rest. Backpacks and shoulder bags are also a very good option.

Garnet And Camel; Perfect Combination

Although it is no longer compulsory to combine handbags and shoes of the same color, you may be a woman who does not like too much improvising or having to overheat your head, and you prefer to choose the safe.

Here the garnet and the camel are two colors that will help you to always hit, or at least almost always. Both match perfectly with almost any other tone and will allow you do not have to do too much testing to make your look. No doubt you’ll be betting on the winning horse.

And you, with what style do you identify more? Are you the daring or do you prefer to be more conservative? Whatever your stance, there is no excuse not to combine your bag with your shoes.