Loewe’s New Luxury Handbag Is Inspired in Paper Bags

There is who is the even in the most everyday luxury, and that have had think Loewe designers when they created the bag you have on these lines, which bears the name Papelle. This design is the flagship of a new line for this spring although it is of course not made of paper (only was missing).

As always, Loewe you have chosen the best cowhide natural for your bags and your mouth has a few details in zigzag and a closing flap. Inside there is a pocket with zipper perfect for carrying the mobile or keys lined suede with the unmistakable logo that we like. In addition, with each bag give us a cover to keep it well the seasons that we are not going to use.

I particularly I can’t see myself with this bag by much that is of Loewe. The design does not inspire me too and I also like that the bags have larger handles.