Loap Phinex Backpack 40 Review


Backpack looks fairly standard. Gray-red design offend, a top, a small upper pouch, sag.

The sides are firmly sewn to the fabric on the back and the deflection is not noticeable. I measured about 6 cm from the mesh deflection. This is a larger backpack, so that the space inside is also applicable for larger objects.

Regarding the pockets, there is in addition to the main space uncovered pocket on the front (opposite to the back) side of the bag, two side pockets for drinking and two pockets in the lid, one internal and one external, both protected zipper at the top pocket partially covered. hip belt has 2 small pockets, better known from larger backpacks.

Inside the main pocket is a classic uncovered pocket for camel bag and zip open access to the back of the pack.

The actual main compartment is downloadable cord, the cover folds over to her and fastened with a buckle.

Backpack Phinex 40 features a chest and waist belt. The loin is characterized by a narrow 2.5 cm strap with a small buckle, which is also very much in favor “asymmetrical” people – hugs you and if you have around the waist of about 162 cm! Fortunately they are available buckles, straps so they do not confuse feet even us, who are not getting such values.

The chest strap is a quite interesting solution. In addition to the relatively common rubber flexibility strap during walking belt moves vertically. The chest strap is attached to the supporting strap firmly, but using a slider that allows quick adjustment – sternum strap only take a move. Solution is very elegant.

Backpack overall operating solidly and well-prepared, on crooked seams and threads crawly hit.


On the front you will find two eyes and drawstrings at the ax, trekking poles or other objects and “bungee” – in my opinion invaluable equipment for fixing anything bigger, what do you fit into a backpack, or you need to have on hand.

Some supplements on the front are reflective, which I see as a clear advantage (if you want to play at soldiers or camp out in the first zones of NPs and in the first instance not buy red backpack). On the straps unfortunately no reflectors are supporters walk down the road the night without a headlamp so they will need to be retrofitted.

What pained me, on the contrary, the absence capes.



40 liters is already comparatively decent volume for a weekend hike. I was so curious, how do you cope with my backpack equipped for sleeping under the stars – inflatable mattress, sleeping bag and žďárákem summer. The backpack was filled by about three-quarters and left the place even on essentials.


The backpack I’d walked some 80 km and for convenience can not complain. Padding on the shoulders or shoulder is almost no, but in this volume, in my opinion, is not a problem. Straps are on shoulders wide enough (about 6 cm) and adjustable both in length and shoulders (balance Ascender, see diagram here ).


Regarding the practicality backpack he arrived at his price rather luxuriously equipped. I like frequently used stuff at hand without having to take off the backpack. It pleased me so small pockets “flaps” of the shoulder strap, ideal for storing small things type of energy bars / gels, batteries and garbage.

I missed the contrary tabs on the straps, which could be a carabiner to attach things like GPS, cell phone or compass. Sure, there is every cross strap rubber strip at my height 185 cm, however, he got somewhere near the collarbone, which is not the most practical (except for attaching radio).

I have to commend the “bungee” on the front of the backpack. Neupnete helmet into them (they are too thin – just five fixtures), but as a universal hanger wet socks, spare shoe holder, attach the tin or anything else are priceless. See Legalarmist for primary school backpacks.

On the sides are bungee classic ice ax holders. The half but usually in these brackets’m trying to clamp trekking poles, due to practical on the bus or train.

Side pockets have nothing to criticize. Each of them without any problems holds 1.5 liters PET bottle while the rubber is sufficiently withdrawn – when storing smaller items so you do not have to worry about them falling out.


Backpack Phinex 40 can be recommended as a universal backpack for hiking and challenging day trips.

For multi-day hikes with a backpack přespáváním outside is not too large, but if you’re saving on weekend suffice. Manufacturer of thought on many practical trivia and adjustment, which at this price are not the norm, just a pity absence capes. The backpack also appreciate people who sweat a lot – is a thorough ventilation of the back.

If I had to rank as a backpack at school, he could get me a nice duo.

Vojtěch Jaros

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