Gucci You Will Pay Tribute to Singapore with Three New Handbags

Singapore It is a city of the most advanced that today has earned the nickname of garden thanks to its impressive and well distributed green areas. For this reason, the Italian firm Gucci He wanted to pay tribute to him by throwing three of their legendary bags with exclusive and floral print for the Asian country.

These models will be: Boston, Diana and Jackie; and seem to be suitable for the springtime Thanks to his floral prints. This print is combined on a white background and reasons for leather yellow.

Although fans of the firm say a: ‘this pattern is not new and has previously released by the firm’. True, but is a new version that was once created in honor to the Princess Grace of Monaco (in 1966) by the artist Vittorio Accornero.

The bags are already on sale in the boutique Marina Bay Sands Singapore.