Forget about This Beer Dispenser Barrel Bags

When we take a beer no experience better than take it directly from the barrel. The bottles and cans are fine but the comparisons are odious. The problem is that having this alcoholic beverage on House presents two problems: it is cumbersome and requires a facility determines or comes in formats so we throw it. Something that normally translates into wasting it if you don’t have experience serving.

On Kickstarter you know that we have everything and if time ago we told you about a machine to easily create beer today we speak of another for serve it at home. It does not work with barrels but with a patented by its creators bags system which is similar to that used in other beverages like wine.

From milk to beer in bag

Under the name of SYNEK We get a small machine the size of a coffee capsules that will allow us to serve beer in the best way that you can drink. Does not use barrels or requires a complex installation since the format is reduced and it employs is a kind of plastic bags.

According to its creators, these bags are designed to hold better and offer beer in the best possible conditions for a period of 30 days. Resistant to ultraviolet light and temperature changes seem to… an interesting option to store the beer although generates me some doubts.

How do we use these bags? Thanks to a special nozzle Brewers can fill them us directly as if they did to a barrel. The idea is good and although in United States already have convinced a lot of brands its international expansion will be subject to more companies to agree to sell beer in this format.

It is not the best investment you can make if you live in Spain right now but in the future if the idea is expanded can be an excellent alternative to the bottles, cans and small barrels. You can invest in Kickstarter if you want, by $299, separate shipping charges, is yours.