Do It Yourself: a Moneybags Advent Calendar

A couple of years now I have How to make an advent calendar by hand and today I come with another idea although we have been almost two weeks. To do this you will need a felt basis that hold bags of different days. You will also need felt or paper for bags, fine cord to tie them and clamps the wood of life clothing.

The first thing you are going to do is cut the felt as so the bags fit you. As base I would put you about 70 centimeters in height by about 20 wide but the ideal is that you measure the bags to do this custom and not you upon nor space fails.

Each of the bags It may be well with white felt (by bending them and sewing them). Paste back a little of adhesive Velcro, well which is glued with adhesive or that makes it through the heat of the iron. Once they are complete, fill them with a surprise for each day and tie with a string.

Velcro has to be consistent with another fragment that is stuck at the base for that you can peel off easily sachet and extract its contents. I like the detail of the clip, which you can put velcro if you don’t want to put in the bag directly, although it is not mandatory.

As in the other Advent calendar, You can choose with what fill the bags since if do not want the kids to eat chocolate you can change it by awards of another type, “vouchers”, candies or some other surprise. Do you fancy them to do yourselves an advent calendar? Run only lasting through December 25.