Dicota out Backpacks and Bags with Which to Control The IPhone without Removing It

Dicota, manufacturers of bags and backpacks for laptops, has presented two new models that curiously stand out by offering good accommodation for the iPod and Apple’s iPhone. Curious.

The new packs are called Take.Control and Bacpac, and they are characterized by having a control button integrated in its design to control without drawing them both as the Apple iPhone iPod.

The miracle occurs thanks to a touchpad integrated into the shoulder strap. The player must be connected to cable that handles that area specific backpack or shoulder bag. It also comes with a special opening to remove the cable from the headphones directly.

The Backpack BacPac Control and shoulder bag Take.Control they are in sizes for 13.3 and 15.4-inch notebooks, because in the end we have accessories that they seek to protect and help us to carry this team. The cover acochada with high-density foam that is used to protect the portable is removable, which we like.

Backpack Control and Take.Control can already be purchased even at not very popular. Starting from 100 euro can be yours with these accessories.

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