Dadbag Summarizes Everything That Is Wrong with the Fanny Pack

A genius called Albert Pukies was hanging on the wheels of parents not to have the famous beer belly, but at the same time knew that to acquire the abdominal fat was detrimental to health, on a balcony of the master (as I said genius), he created a fanny pack that imitates a genuine belly “dad body”, baptizing the invention, of course, Dad Bag.

Dadbag Summarizes Everything That Is Wrong with the Fanny Pack

I have to thank Albert for creating a real version of the opinion that I always give when someone asks me what I think of the fanny pack, after all the accessory is nothing more than a belly appendix, a dead volume that you carry with you and helps to deform your silhouette, be it slim or not – because if you’re chubby all you need is a kind of belly spare tyre, isn’t it!

Nature is wise: your liver, your pancreas and a portion of the organs are on the inside, you don’t need anything hanging on the outside, this ensures a body with a certain amount of agility and aerodynamics, the more you do not have a shape worthy of a sculpture of Greek god.

Who is like fanny pack? Has! There are those who say that it is practical, secure, reliable, just do not tell me that is fashionable or that it is beautiful, this is unacceptable if you have your screws in place.

Going back to the invention of the Albert Pukies, that account up with the site and a profile on Instagram, the product is not yet for sale, but waits for partners and manufacturers that could afford the production costs of this beautiful accessory.