Christmas 2008 Collection Loewe Handbags

The holidays they have not finished not far, there are many dinners to go and celebrations for which arrange themselves. Loewe has that perfect bag for ti in Christmas 08 collection and if not that gift so you as a final point on January 6.

I have selected the lead photo skin handbags colorful: breaks with my preset idea monochrome sobriety of Loewe and has amused me. These dates are to show off the entire Rainbow if possible.

Two front decorations, logo and brand name, I prefer without hesitation with the anagram; I’ve always liked, it gives personality to the bag without printing the name: I do not like anything take a garment, whatever, teaching to the four winds brand. As you said my colleague Natxo in Mensencia: the best brand is which is not.

Impeccable craftsmanship bags, the quality and the estilazo of Loewe you will never disappoint you. Despite my classic idea, featuring the most current models: Gold leather, patent leather colors, metallic details, forms bowling or shoulder bags. It is the universe Loewe 08.

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