Chanel: Three Divas to Lnterpret Three Bags

Three divas interpret the new models of the iconic Chanel bags in the countryside, where pictures are signed by Karl Lagerfeld: Kristen Stewart, Alice Dellal and Vanessa Paradis.

Three divas interpret the new models of bags iconic Chanel in the country whose images carry the signature of Karl Lagerfeld. The images are strictly long-awaited surprise of all black and white, each model has its own photo and one of his own purse. The French fashion house so raises two emblematic models: the classic bag 11/12, with its representative C and the Boy Chanel. In front of the objective of Lagerfeld posed Kristen Stewart who lends his face to 11:12, Alice Dellal which continues its history with the Boy Chanel and Vanessa Paradis representing and launches the new Chanel bag, Girl.

The burden of representing the androgynous woman is Alice Dellal, the Brazilian supermodel of birth that feels English (the nationality of the mother), who likes to take pictures and draw jewelry and who in 2013 reinterpreted another classic of the house, the little starring black jacket of the book the Little Black jacket. it was during that service that the top was chosen as the face of the Boy Bag. “A lice has an extreme style. She is a punk to hack to “the Dellal says Lagerfeld.” The Boy bag was my first job with Chanel in 2012. I like to wear it like a bandolier for hunters. I like it because the Boy my hands are free”. In the pictures Dellal wearing only a great suede shirt and a Boy Chanel handbag denim patchwork.

The first campaign for the Coco fragrance Vanessa Paradis was in 1991. A dress the sexy femininity, wearing only strings of pearls and historical stock Girl to hide the naked body, the actress, singer and French model. “I have suffered in love with the personality of this woman who started so young to be successful. I’m a fan of his, “says the photographer of the stars.

To dress up the woman’s role in career is the protagonist of the saga Twilight for the occasion wearing skirt and black jacket, white top and shoulder the legendary 11/12 model, the must-have of the Maison. Kristen Stewart instead has known Lagerfeld in 2007, 17 years.In 2013 he became the face of Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas 2013/14. “I always felt like a privilege to wear Chanel and be close to Karl who is an artist,” said the actress. In the photos the 11/12 model is lamb with herringbone leather, Coco stitching design conceived in 1960, reinterpreted by Lagerfeld.