Bourbonnais Bags Review

Bourbonnais, Made in Italy brand, declines the fall / winter season with classic or bright colors and unique For mobile phones.

Bourbonnais rhymes with made ​​in Italy, not rhyming couplets or alternating, but a conceptual rhyme Italians, or rather the Italian fashion addicted , recognize the brand as a quality brand. Bright colors alternate to more sober shades in the new winter collection, while keeping intact the Bourbonnais style.

New collection of timeless classics and new glam

The made ​​in Italy of which Bourbonnais is proud and tricolor flag is to be found in the materials used, always of great value, in the unmistakable style that can hardly be reproduced.
In autumn winter collection 2014 2015 Borbonese draws from the background of product, vast, equivalent models and slightly rounded lines but also introduces new elements obviously glam and loads of identity and personality.

Lady Butterfly resiste anche all’inverno

Former star of last spring season 2014, Lady Butterfly back graceful and colorful even in the winter tones: access colors like green and red are contrasted with more muted colors like gray and brown.
The very figurative shoulder repeats the shape of a butterfly but is embellished with new inserts: a snake, crocodile, ostrich, so the flap closure becomes an enchanting design worthy of being accompanied by a fairy tale.

Nappine smart

With the same dose of glam and more in line with hectic days and towns, there is the Quarter Bag. It has a rectangular shape, a shoulder strap, available in blue and brown colors and adorned with nice tassels hanging at the ends.

The right Bourbonnais for demanding taste or casual

Among you, faithful readers, there are certainly those who have a declared passion for chic handbag. As for sophisticated tastes Bourbonnais pulls the Savile bag with its trapezoidal shape, he has stitching and studs. The green oil, in our opinion, is absolutely the must-color.
For a casual and informal outfit is perfect model Shire of Bourbonnais: rounded shape, the color leather version recalls the vintage style.