Bourbonnais Bags for Fall-winter 2013-2014

The collection of bags for the 2013-2014 winter Bourbonnais is inspired by a woman of the last century icon, the legendary Amelia Earhart, pioneer of solo flight and first woman to cross the Pacific in the thirties.

A woman so strong, character, dynamic and revolutionary in some way that inspires Borbonese winter collection. These characteristics are in fact reflected in the models: geometric lines, classic, elegant and a little ‘retro. Handbag, shopping bags, shoulder bags and clutch bags from fine leather and shades evergreen that stands out because of these characteristics decided.

For the line “Aviator”, dedicated to Amelia Earhart, the colors are a raspberry, a brown and a white burgundy dirt from the model Lady Lindy Bag, a clutch bag with applications in contrasting nubuck and suede details OP pressure seal with magnet , going to a trapezoidal model with side trim always nubuck contrast, concluding with a shopping bag.

For the line “Prestige” the material used is always an OP suede for various models like the Moon Bag with double handle shaped like a half moon, the classic shopping bag with double handle and shoulder strap, Elisa Bag from the line a little ‘retro, and maxi rectangular clutch bag.

The line “Capriccio” always suede OP has the most versatile models: the shopping bag to more sophisticated models with retro lines like Glance Bag in two medium and maxi versions. Instead the line “Butterfly” gives space to the side details geometric pattern in pink nubuck.

For the line “Suede OP” are then reintroduced the classic Borbonese by half moon patterns and handbag traditional only in different sizes.

Hide from black, gray and burgundy for the line “Borbonissima”: classic models with geometric volumes, perfect for the job because it comfortable and roomy. Same colors but different material for the line “Jazz” by sports models.

The line “Graffiti” using a printed leather dark tinted: the models are different from small messenger bags with different dimensions to models with double handle and shoulder strap for comfortable work. The Line “Mat” incorporates the particularities of “Graffiti” by adding details in contrasting nubuck and leather.

He concludes the line “Atlantic” in black leather with sophisticated and stylish models with mini shoulder bags and handbag rigid.

Bags dynamics by different volumes and lines designed for an enterprising woman and just as dynamic as Amelia Earhart.


M C. FOX FIRE :-))))

M C. FOX FIRE :-))))