Bags and Shoes of Colors Gloria Ortiz Spring-Summer 2011

All we ever happened: buy a dress for a wedding, that we love, but we finished not finding the Add-ins I need to perfect that day. And it is simply that we look for a pair of purple shoes so we don’t see them in any shop.

To fix it, Gloria Ortiz offers in all malls El Corte Inglés three models of shoes and one of handbags in 7 different colours, which can be ordered and in 15 days you can pick up your custom model.

The seven colors that make up the collection are Fuchsia, blue, Aubergine, dark grey, red, leather and green. The shoes they can be found in three different formats; a Suede lounge, a patent leather moccasin and a peep toe satin game with the wallet, also satin.

For only 99 euros, are resolved much of our headaches caused by the wedding season (and casual outfits with flat shoes).