And if You Traded Against A Clutch Purse?

With her quasi-geometriques curves and its color scheme often illuminated, the cover, small leather to festive connotation, abandons evenings stilted to show himself to the big day. Focus.

Initially reserved for the big night, the (very) small pocket is now seeking to flee the stylistic niceties to better display in broad daylight. The evidence with 15 models of our selection.

  • The cover for all

Big red carpet regular and other street-styles of Fashion Week, the very sophisticated artwork, more familiar to the Crackle of the flashes that in daylight, contains the vital minimum for offer us a condensed version of elegance that enhances any outfit. Even the most casual.

  • The cover in the fall-winter collections

A diversion of style which is unanimity among the fashionistas. Well wedged under his arm or carried by hand, the air of nothing, the same way a wallet (oversize), found ready a precious at Michael Kors chain with airs falsely wise binder at text, frozen in a feline at Karl Lagerfeld attitude either with a classic at Mansur Gavriel sobriety.

  • With what to wear the pouch?

It depends on the concerned cover. If a model covered in glitter or foil stirs up your fashion lusts, so better avoid lamées dresses and other outfits (too) connoted “holidays” to save the total-look disco queen. We opted rather for the sobriety of jean, temperance of a shirt, or even a little black dress classic. Conversely, the Pocket bag, minimalist inflection, plays the perfect handbag liners, agreeing with (almost) all parts of the locker room.

Discover all the covers that will embellish our autumn-winter outfits in the slideshow.