5 Masterpieces That Mark The Return of the Purses

Whoever in their twenties surely remember this accessory so controversial that it was virtually banished from the world of fashion in the 80s.

Leaving aside my personal vision, truth be told: is it useful? Yes. Is ugly? No, it’s awful!

I’d rather carry 1000 things on hand wearing a Fanny Pack, but despite some people are timid about it, they are appearing in several parades, street style looks and AMAZINGLY already has a lot of celebrity using and abusing this accessory around.

Like everything else in life, they went through a makeover and, of course, evolved. Are more feminine, and I think now I can see that they are, in fact, a belt with a mini bag attached (the exception of Chanel, which continues to be a Fanny Pack!), more stylized, delicately and somehow, fashionista.

I read once that we Brazilians have a very large bias with certain “names” that have already been hits and which, after a certain time caused such hatred that became synonymous with kitsch and, because of this, we chose to “Rename” the fashions. This actually happens, as was the case with flared pants (today, remodeled, Flare Pants), of Babuches (today, Home) and several other trends that ended up coming back with different names.

Searching the internet, I found some very acceptable looks, can you believe that? I still wouldn’t carry them, but I have not found them so hideous like in the past!

And so, divas, do you believe in the return of Fanny Packs?

Which name do you think they will come back by? How we love “Americanize” everything, I bet on the Belt Purse or Belt Bag, how about you??