25 Tote Bag Stylish To Adopt Without Delay

At the top of the gondola of the most stylish stores concepts, the canvas bag slips gently crates of supermarkets. The evidence in 25 tote bag that gives us (almost) want to forget the leather.

It is still confined to the rank of eco-friendly shopping bags, tote bag is embedded in our everyday looks. The canvas bag pushes the defect to

become full-fledged object mode and offers the luxury of the most sophisticated retailers. Favourite of students (but not only), it now comes in a multitude of colours, styles and formats. What have the choice.

A creative backdrop

Tote bag is not only practical, it is also aesthetic. And its success is easily explained.

Is the ideal medium to let his imagination. Cheap and easy to transform, the canvas bag becomes the King of the WTF, humorous impressions or roughly arty. He made the joke. Bail “cool” seduces young people and which allows all freedoms. Also, a boon to the designer shops: the bag quickly became a simple way to accumulate the novelty and getting a message (advertising?) easily. He bought on a whim and rarely exceed € 15.

The accessory that gives the color

Is the diversity of the tote bag that made his popularity. It shows the mood, plays on words and placards beliefs. That we glue slogans, absurd quotes or a sketch of artists: the tote bag speaks and stands out. It is personalized, changes daily. A kind of anti “It bag” at the time of the overdose of some fashion houses leading models, seen too much in the subway and on the shoulder of the neighbors of office. With the option of the canvas bag, we opt for the ‘unique’ card. 


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