15 Covers of Evening People Want To Steal

No party without our favorite cover and even less without effect gold, silver, copper, iridescent… In all cases, it must shine!

With the holiday season that the tip of his nose, it is high time to take a look to the novelties in contents of pockets. Must our wardrobe of evening, this accessory has the gift of any boost in a blink of an eye, the fault at his door hand who necessarily, always makes his little effect.

On what cover you bet?

If the small black quilted pouch remain timeless, she is increasingly rivaled by templates are metallized, gold or silver, but especially of glitter versions that make our eyes just to watch them. From elsewhere for them no need to ruin: we find as well on New Look on Net-a-Porter.

Also flexible pouches, rigid, small box shaped the clutches, continue to seduce the fashionistas with their ultra chic aesthetic. We love them as they are parent of subliminal messages in the image of Mango and Cosmo Paris models.

How to wear the pouch of evening?

The art of wearing the pouch is not complicated. If one has set his sights on a pocket or Golden glitter, don’t associate it with her dress sequined history do not compete with the mirrorball in the evening. You wear it rather to wake up a little black dress too wise or too sober Tuxedo. As for the ultra chic black pouch, just draw the lazy nights, when we barely had the courage to put on jeans and a black top, story to deflect attention. It is all about subtlety.

See our selection of covers for evening in the slideshow.