Where Takes The Bag This Season? in The Hand, of Course

If you want a chic look to this winter, you will have to apply this golden rule: the bag is carried in the hand. Is it comfortable? Not much, but you know that fashion and comfort are often at odds. I usually need to have their hands free to carry the umbrella, the child, the cart… but if one day I want a more glamorous touch, I choose one wallet and I know that my stylist will gain elegance.

Even if the bag has a chain a handle long to bring it to the shoulder, or prefer to take it in hand. The bag thus wins in prominence.

If you have doubts what wallet buy, with a medium-sized black which is hidden inside the tape hanging shoulder bag. You will use it for all kinds of occasions and models.

My choice: a bag of Saveen with skin carved in a color that stands out, for 145 euros, or one of Zubi with print for 70 euros.