What to Consider when Choosing a Backpack

What should we watch?

Choosing a backpack is a real obstacle course. You will need to inspect the details. First, think of your comfort will be undoubtedly the focal point of your purchase. If the bag feels tight your shoulders without a significant load, drop the case. Imagine with 15 kilos more, not really pass your turn. But first, set yourbackpack before you say that hurts. For point of comfort, it is essential that the straps, ventral and pectoral girdle, aeration back, straps for you. If any of these details is revealed to be poor, try another bag. Your bag and you’ll become inseparable, the seduction game has already begun.

Impermeability of your bag

Ask a professional to give you an account of it. The i-trekking site will help you in your search. I have always been well received, when a question came over me. It is essential to have a cover when the rain will be more threatening. For tell you that if it’s a bag for a round the world, it will not do good 365 days a year. If ever this happens, play the lottery …


Because even if it is not to be THE selection criterion number 1. It remains obvious that you do not need a bag that does not please you. The look, color, design must go online account. If you’re a fan of color, look at what the different brands can offer. End, wide, slender you everything. The backpack market is exploding.

The Structure and finishing

A bag should be a flawless finish. I have nothing against the bags of an unknown brand, or bought a bag in the wilds of Nepal, but it remains clear that his life will be much smaller. If you have a small budget, better look if you can get offers via Diseaseslearning or on the right corner. If the bag has been well maintained, a buying opportunity should not to be a problem. Comparing an unmarked bag and a bag of a known brand, you will see that the storage pockets are far more important. It really is important. If not, where will you put your water bottle, your tent, your goals. Take one with a “bag bottom” pocket. Not essential, but will save you time. His pockets allow you to organize and classify your business. Much easier to find a particular object.

The brand reputation

There is not a brand I would recommend at any price. Because everyone has a sensitivity and have a preference. I’ve never been a fan of North Face, that’s not my goal to do their bad pub …. I just found in the section backpack, the price is often not in line with product quality. I worships the French brand Millet. Since my trip to the United States, I have never been disappointed by the products.

I now have a 30-liter, a 45 and a 58 + 10 (Atacama Orange). I am not sectarian provided, but when one is satisfied, I see no reason to change. If you can not find your happiness among the French brand, you can always turn to Deuter, Bergans of Norway, Osprey, Lowe Alpine, Gregory and finally Haglofs (renowned Swedish brand. I hesitated, but the Matrix is constant out of stock. the replenishment is not always obvious to the Norse giant).