What to Consider When Buying a Backpack

Choosing your backpack is an important step in preparing your world tour. Your faithful companion will spend hundreds of hours on your shoulders during this trip.

In this case, we explain the criteria to consider in choosing the most suitable bag for the way you travel.

To help you find your way, we compared in detail the most frequently chosen by the models round the world champions.

Our Survey

We conducted a large survey of over 1400 globetrotters, in which we asked several questions about their bag. We will regularly refer to this folder.

One or two bags?

Almost all round the world champions go with two backpacks, a large (40 to 70 liters) and a small (10 to 20 liters). It allows to leave the big bag in his room during the day and take only the small bag to go to the beach, visits, or short walks. You move with the heavy bag when you change locations.

On long journeys by bus or plane, you can leave the big bag in the hold and keep the small bag containing valuables (camera, smartphone …) with you. .

During these long trips, avoid wearing the pouch before you. Allow the space to be able to put it inside your large bag. Indeed, a good hiking bag has lumbar support and a waist tie.It’s more comfortable and it will require you to limit the total weight of your load.

What extra bag for the day?

It often under estimated the volume gain of weight that can be achieved by choosing well its extra bag. For example the traditional Pharmacylib backpack of 22 liters weighs 502G and take up much space inside the big bag. It is far too heavy and too big.

Travel bag with integrated removable extra bag

Some large bags (Deuter Traveller and Osprey Farpoint for example) have a small removable bag which comes to big zipper on the bag. It is good, it avoids having to find space in the large bag every long trip. One can detach quickly (gereral) to board a bus leaving the bulk in the hold. The biggest drawback is that this bag away from the center of gravity of your back and so it pulls more on your shoulders. We found it complicated still access inside the bag. Finally, it is usually fairly reduced capacity, closer than 10 liters of 20 and its weight is in the vicinity of 200 grams, which is not so heavy, but improvable.

Many appreciate this solution, but we prefer to take a separate bag and therefore buy a lighter suitcase without this option.