What Handbag to Choose

How to find her purse and above which to choose? The handbag is the accessory typically feminine and above all, an essential accessory for any fashionista. Indeed: the handbag is revealing of your personality, your tastes, so this is an accessory that we must choose carefully and thoroughly, since there are now hundreds of thousands different bags. Brands, colors, materials, this is what you should choose! Moreover, the choice of a handbag should be based on several criteria: your style, your budget but also the use you make of it. You’ll find tips and how to choose a handbag that suits you.

What material bag choose?

A bag is first selected according to the use that will: is it a bag for a special occasion or for wear, use everyday? In the first case, you need to invest in a safe accessory: if the theme of the evening is the eccentricity, do not buy
not importable bag that you have purchased for the occasion. However, for a bag that you wear everyday, the choice will be more difficult.

The shapes of handbags

Forms of bags are very diverse, with the following main categories: bowling bag, wallet bag, travel bag, shopping bag, backpack, shoulder bag, worn handbag, briefcase or bag. These bags can be of different materials: cotton or canvas, leather, suede … Let’s see if you have preferred a large bag  or a mini bag Hand.

The materials handbags

Cotton and linen are the ideal everyday, for an impromptu sports bag or a quiet exit. They often sport a particular message, as they are in the image of brands. At the beach also, this kind of bag is perfect! For a more sophisticated look, the leather bag is essential: it is probably the best material for either a bag, chic material par excellence, be it black, brown or even blue! Very significant for a school bag, choose a handbag fashion  leather, any, you for many years with him in the shoulder or arm. The deer is the original and soft matter: it ensures you elegance and discretion. This matter, however, feared the rain, while careful not to get it in these conditions!

What color bag choose?

For colors, black will be appreciated, brown, gray or beige for basic, sober, but the burgundy or dark green for the next trend. The electric blue also be fine: the bags are accessories that let you put
a touch of color, even very strong, your outfit, then do not hold back!

And must-have basic

There are a few basics that you do not need to think about proper attire. United Leather bags are very well known for their sobriety, but the fact that you can choose the color gives a personal touch. To you to wear your
colors! In your closet, you will need a shopping bag, very useful for small stays away from home, but also to go to class, work. In addition to this bag, a hand carried bag will do the trick: symbol of femininity, he will accompany you in all your outings. Would the leather so that it is durable and above all, more stylish! Feel free to choose a custom template, with charms, special handles or anything else! Follow the trends in handbags you will wear in the streets the latest releases and to be the person to follow, to imitate. Think of an ethnic chic bag, always at the forefront of fashion, a must.

In short, your choice will depend on several criteria: First, the use you make of it, and according to your taste and style of dress.Indeed, it is important not to mix improbable pieces, failing to make a “fashion faux pas”!