Wedding Bouquets Trends 2013

Bouquets 2013, choose among the most original and unusual models such as handbag, bracelet or a sphere. Here are some ideas for choosing the perfect bouquet for your wedding day.

Some time ago we already talked about the bouquet at her handbag, an unusual alternative to the classic bouquet of flowers. In addition to this model, available in several proposals, in the list of original wedding bouquet can not miss even those at cuff and ball.

In all three cases, these proposals are suitable for those wishing to “dare” on their wedding day, keeping always an elegant and sophisticated look. The handbag is definitely the most “glam” of three proposals, where we could create a handbag of flowers, or pull over to a small bouquet a clutch to match.

The bouquet bracelet is much more sober, where we will have a small floral arrangement to bring the arm, a practical alternative and totally original to the classic bouquet.

Finally we find the ball bouquet, of spherical flower arrangements that can be brought by hand like a handbag. Again, the end result is to express elegance, always choose the right balance between the size of the bouquet, flowers chosen and the type of composition that we realize.

If you still have no clear idea, in our Warehouse we reveal the various types of bouquets, so you can choose the perfect one for your wedding!