Ways to Wear a Purse

You used to wear your bag in hand or shoulder? Forget everything. This winter, we can hold the leash, put it around your neck or on a tray.

For handbags, it’s a bit like Game of Thrones: several schools of thought and mini-wars raging inside even allied camps.

This season, we have on one side the classic bags and other neo-bags.

In the classic camp include the traditional ports: the crook of elbow, shoulder, at arms, shoulder or on the back.
In the camp of neo can have their way delusional bag: bag to tie around the waist, to wear in the back, Survival kit, pulling like a race truck, worn around the neck to hold in leaves, worn under the arm or on a shelf.

  • What handbag port is for you?

The eyes may be the windows to the soul but your purse also says a lot about you. Besides, the way you wear depends on your lifestyle, your work and your personality.

You are an adventurer, always running between two planes? The backpacks, shoulder bags, survival kits and other trucks are right for you.

Like a walk and have a free hand? Bags worn around the neck, back or survival kit perfectly accord to your desires and needs.

You are mega sharp? It is allowed, on a tray or under the arm you wear your handbag.

You have many things to do every day? This is a duo that you should wear your handbags.

You are a clubbing? A pouch or bag with leash and you are ready to party.

Obviously, we can perfectly be a clubbing night baroudeuse a weekend and a businesswoman week.

That’s why a handbag we never enough!