Ways to Customize Your Bag

Sick of her bag to arm all the girls? To stand out and let speak his creativity, nothing beats the DIY to customize bags, pouches, tote bags or backpacks! Charms, beads, lace, bows, scarves… A sew, draw, glue or pin: discover all the customisations easier to do it yourself for a single bag of a kind!

This weeks you looking for an original handbag that you like and you will not find in the hands of your neighbor or your co-worker? Ideally, it is better to rely on self and creativity. By customizing your favorite purse or wallet basic, you are sure to have a unique and creative bag.

Handbag, evening bag, tote bag, bag or backpack: each bag deserves a little makeover mode, far from standard bags.

Coquettish, traveler, bohemian, artist, glamor, rocker, original … whatever your personality traits, a customization element DIY necessarily suits you! And for those who have the creative side, it is even more interesting to realize! So let your imagination run, to bring a personal touch to your fashion accessory .

Easy and fun, here are some DIY ways to customize your bag yourself. Three major customization families emerge, with different levels of difficulty: the addition of patterns, sewing and drawing at the same fabric.

Customize a bag: hang a tassel fur

Add a small ball of hair gives a touch of fun to the overall look, especially when it is imposing. And it’s even shifted when suspends a mini handbag, like Fendi. Other potential side handbag jewelry: the keychain charms, tassels and charms hanging.

Customize a bag: hang decorative knots

Apply one or more nodes on the bag is take the bias of a little retro. Notice to coquettish, Les Petits Hauts offer here as pins with a gingham print. A girly customization element that does not even require out her needle!

Customize a bag: put a shield

The idea is to intervene directly on the surface of the bag with an added twist. This may be a heat-shield for its small side 80, a ready label sewing or funny and original patches.

Customize a bag: add a scarf

Add an accessory to the accessory bag? An interesting idea if it is well used. The success of this customization is the choice of headscarves. Attention to well match colors between the bag and the scarf.

Customize a bag: Sew beads

The pearl is a little feminine detail that makes the difference. Some colored beads can make a girly touch to your bag or backpack, simply.