Waist Belt Accessories

Trends spring summer 2015, the return of the waist, the accessory that for years we’ve been relegated in Group of bad taste and this year, thanks to the creativity of our favorite designers, is a candidate among the accessories must in season. We discover together the more casual and sophisticated trend of the moment.

The word “pouch” someone it will shell eyes in horror, yet this accessory that until many years ago we used especially on vacation, back in revised and revisited, both as a casual than formal, although waist and elegance are two things seem destined to not meet ever. From luxury brand this spring summer reiterated in most sought after version on Classic baby carrier, to cheap brands that aim at a more technical fabric caual often, there is an embarrassment of choice.

Here is the practical and comfortable for years fallen into disuse, that back to get space in the wardrobe and does so using the most acclaimed international catwalks, introduced in version chic and refined for the evening, made of the finest fabrics in these cases or leather, but also sporty version, to be worn with denim shorts and tank top.

Are the proposals for glamour Moschino for spring summer 2015, which delights us with a slew of colorful baby carriers, although it certainly the most characteristic remains the one biker. While brands like Topshop and Kipling rely on classic sports pouch to be worn on holiday and summer during free time, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, for example, make it an accessory to wear in the evening instead of the small shoulder bag or clutch. You’re still terrified by the idea of wearing a Fanny Pack? Please take a look at our gallery, maybe you change your mind!