Vanquish Business Bag

Since I launched my blog 5 years ago, I have created bonds of affection and attachment with several brands.Some for their respective universe, others for their offbeat and then some communication for the quality of their products as the brand of bag Ruitertassen. It is a brand for which I take pleasure to follow the evolution over the years. The reason is quite simple: the brand is part of the best brands of leather bags, this is a reference on the market. To get there, she chose to restrict all unnecessary expenses advertising to all means in its leather bags. The result is stunning, believe me.

Recently, Ruitertassen has launched a new line of bags Business. It is the new collection of bags business Vanguard. It’s a very special collection, fruit of years of work. Vanguard bags don’t look like no other and the brand has decided to make an absolute reference to the leather Business bag. Wager won since pre-sales in September have exploded! Sorry for not informing you before, I was on a full road trip California…

The Vanguard range bags are just great by their effectiveness, their simplicity and originality of their design, so rare in recent years. The range consists of 5 main designs: firstly the Vantage which is a bag messenger vertical format. Can the vigilant, very close to the Vantage, but which has a horizontal format. The Vanquish is more spacious. The Vault for him is even more spacious, quite a large but it remains compact. Finally, there is the Venturer which is a urban satchel style “Tool Box” that the brand had wanted to include in this beautiful collection.

For my part, I tested the bag business Vanquish. Thanks 100% natural tanning of leather, this bag is both healthy and sustainable. This unique leather also allows the bag to develop tons of character over the years.The tanning technique that is used by the mark is also much greener. This bag is especially nice for several reasons: we can carry heavy loads without that bag deforms. This business handmade bag can be used throughout a career. The subtle scent of leather craft is very nice feel and finally, I loved the comfort of quilted, extra-large epaulette and double Interior handle. This bag is just perfect