Urban Style Backpacks

The man backpack is more and more present in cities. This new modern man backpack combines practicality, functionality and style! Forget the Tote, bags, straps, briefcases or satchels, the backpack is the new must-have accessory for the urban man. Here is a selection of 10 backpacks for modern man.

The man version 2016 backpack

Always been the backpack is the ally of hikers. Its 2 straps make it more comfortable than the straps or any other cases, allowing you to carry

heavy objects without be twisted under the weight of a loaded on one strap shoulder. Its volume can not be limited by the place, and it is generally very resistant.

With all these arguments no wonder the urban man ended up appropriating the bag back. Its look is less and less sporty and more trend, the album cover ‘door gourd’ becomes ‘ smarphone and storage for the stove becomes the “range computer 15 inches”. “.

Here is a selection of backpacks for modern man.

Herschel backpack

Herschel is the brand of the moment! This backpack combines vintage and tendency brilliantly and is perfectly in tune with the times. Padded straps, robustness, loops, old school, many pockets, grommet, is my personal favorite!

Neocroc Lacoste backpack

Available in black, dark blue and green, this backpack man Lacoste is classic, refined and so timeless. The discreet crocodile brings a touch of “class” Lacoste to the backpack.

Element backpack

What a look! A truly modern bag that will allow you to store your computer in a compartment padded but also your board with its adjustable straps. The top for the of young.

Backpack Forvert

For those who want a bag backpack with pockets everywhere look no further! Available at Handbagpicks in 7 color different, Forvert bag is right for you.

G-Star backpack

This man backpack very on-trend has a base which detaches and can be worn separately (the first that the door as a Fanny Pack is eliminated). It also contains a padded compartment to keep your computer safe.

Herschel backpack

2 bags of same mark in this ranking? Yes, when you love it does not count  don’t hesitate to click on the link under the image to discover the 16 color available all very different (Yes Yes, 16!).

Pier One backpack

As always at Pier One is a price defying any competition. 30 euros only for a man with a true olive green look backpack! It’s gift.

Le Tanneur leather backpack

This backpack leather has an undeniable charm. The Tanner is of course known for its expertise in leather goods and this bag is the perfect example.

North Coast backpack

This backpack North Coast has an original shape, it will allow you to differentiate yourself a very nice way.

Superdry flower backpack

The least we can say is that you won’t go unnoticed with this backpack floral and tropical of Superdry. He makes laugh birds and dancing bees like the Creole company! It is recommended to have a good dose of Audacity and a mastery of colours harmonization to dare this backpack. You are warned .