Travelers Choice Hardside Luggage

If the hard case is gradually gaining ground on all suitcases and bags in other materials, it is mainly for its intrinsic characteristics of robustness in time one hand, and lightness for a large volume on the other.

So what could be more normal to want a clear and precise overview of the situation in order to compare different hard suitcases on the market. This is what Ma Valise-Rigid worked to do, classifying suitcases into three categories according to the use that will be made.

Compare Hard Suitcases December 2016

  • The panniers for frequent travelers: lightweight, rugged, handy and extremely practical, they are the holy grail for experienced traveler. They are investments, cost over several years-and this is good because they will make you ten years. These are the rigid high-end bags.
  • The panniers for regular travelers: very good compromise, they allow to take control of your trip without breaking the bank, and is an excellent choice in duration. These are the hard suitcases Quality / Price.
  • The panniers for casual travelers: because everyone does not weekend in Barcelona every two months, we have selected very good hard suitcases in the best market prices, for that low price does not mean ” throw after 6 trips “(rhyme difficult, indeed …!). These are the hard suitcases First Prize .
  • Finally, hard suitcases sets are for frequent travelers and / or families: great family travel partners, which fit into each other to save space at home, these bags were all good. Find our sets of hard suitcases.

Comparative rigid upscale suitcase

Of excellent craftsmanship suitcases for frequent travelers, extremely lightweight, practical and resistant.