Tote Style Handbags

You know, the Tote, otherwise called ‘Shopping bag’, this thing which our nice (back) grandmothers use to make the tour of the shopkeepers: the baguette cut in two (otherwise it will not fit in the bag), the boot of leeks (for soup), the tablet of chocolate (for us) and 2 slices of ham (for chat). Yes, I agree, but the Tote, it’s also the quintessential, gold beach bag this year, even in the subway, fashion is at the beach. And then, for bags as for the rest of fashion, the trend is the tiny microphone or completely oversized stuff. So, obviously, there’s shopping bag and Tote, the trick is to make a choice…

The basic Tote is a large soft cloth, very simply designed bag: a rectangle of fabric, two handles. This season, it is often colorful, made in floral, striped, or ethnic fabrics. Sometimes it is easy, barely adapted from the basic model (spring, Kiabi).Others are more sophisticated: a round handle wooden, or Horn (H & M, mind), wooden beads, or ethnic embroidery (Antik Batik, Kookai), a studied shape (H & M,counter of the cotton), precious (Brontibay, Antoine and Lili) fabric…

We can also call “tote”, by extension, (Pier Import, mind) straw baskets, braided or hook (Promod, Mango) plastic bags, and nets to Golden provision or bright colors (Kiabi, So home).

And then, for the most chic of us, there is the version of the Tote, or simple leather: leather rectangle and 2 handles (Brontibay, Kiabi) is decorated with fashion details: giant multipoches (Chloe, package) height while flaps, zips (ladybug, Promod), loops (Pablo, Mexx) gathers (Frédéric T, Vanessa Bruno).

The Tote, it’s leather bag to put things in Thefreegeography. A lot of important things, more things highly, essential until it is packed. The good side is that we know by looking, we’re okay eventually find 2 or 3 pieces for a cafe, a tic-tac mints to pick up a handsome stranger, a March if snack bar or a tissue to wipe the caramel of the March on our fingers or who was melted in the bag. It’s the wrong side of the Tote, the black hole inside which makes disappear the objects to make them reappear 2 months after, sometimes in poor condition… but I digress.

What makes the Tote style, it is mainly the material from which it is made. So you can wear it with anything, as long as the fabric fits, by style and color to the rest of your outfit. And that is what we call a great lesson in fashion, I hope that you measure your chance. Huhum.