Tosca Blu Bags

Tosca Blu dedicates his collection autumn-winter 2014-2015 handbags at that ‘little more’ that makes the accessory… and icon.

L’ most iconic accessory of a woman? The stock exchange. And if, as it were, the handbag makes the woman, in the autumn-winter 2014-2015 collection of Tosca Blu is also true. A “do” the bag are women. Better: great style icons, teachers of charm, queens of that little something blackberries that makes the difference. And whose Tosca Blu f / w bags are named.

Tosca Blu f / w 2014-15: a bag for every degree of elegance

Winona, Frida, Penelope, Alexa. And again, Olivia, Nicole, Jodie, Eva. A different twist for every model of bag, which is grafted on a mood shared. To characterize the collection Tosca Blu bags for autumn-winter is a ‘elegance in saddlery sauce, with earthy tones, rigid lines or marked, details-from the straps to the tassels, from pence to the hooks in bracket-sought, declined in leather refined and carefully crafted workmanship.

Elegance that knows juggle through notes and symphonies well different, combining the needs of space and comfort with inserts and details that “color” each property. And yet, an elegance that turns into the casual in the most soft bags-calfskin or laminate – enriched by fringes and tassels or combinations tricolor, and even disdain to lend irony of prints pop, trendy (a name of all? The red tartan) and animal (macro-jaguar prints, zebra).

Cocktail capsule Tosca Blu

Refined, then the clutch and clutch cocktail. Calfskin, polished or painted black, suede, either as gold, with rhinestones, mini-studs and chains. To match with dècolletès, ballet flats or ankle boots of Tosca Blu f / w 2014-2015 shoe collection. In a proposal for a total look at the debut of the two sisters lines: absolute interest. And flawless elegance.