Three Indispensable Bags

The bag remains the stilsäkraste accessory. To choose väsktyp and design on this is far from an easy choice. How and when can it be used? In order to cover all needs are three models are often quite enough.

A timeless portfolio should be part of every man’s wardrobe. The hard part is usually to find a perfect size. Today it is almost essential to accommodate computer and that there is also room for some additional documents. At the same time, nobody wants a portfolio that gives back problems. Likewise, all for thick variants are rarely neat. An alternative is to have a simple laptop sleeves, and then a separate portfolio or small bag for other gadgets.
Perfect for short trips and overnight stays. Anyone who really wants to take advantage of their bag optimally select a väskstorlek between the overnight and weekend bag. This means that it can be used for shorter trips with easy packing, or that bag of workout clothes. As always with the bags, they can be a pretty high price tag. See why an investment.

The suitcase
For long-distance travel for an extended period of time is a major is a suitcase with severe housing almost inevitable. Of course, apart from actual backpackers who need a proper backpack. Sportbags may well seem practical, but a larger bag with wheels makes travelling much easier. In addition, it protects contents better. For a smaller wallet can really bargain used suitcases. The problem with these is often lack of wheels, which clearly reduces the functionality.