Things to Consider When Buying a Bag

Faced with so many styles, materials and prices, choose a bag is a puzzle. Alexandre Rousseau-Viel, designer and co-creator of the brand Blue heating, enumerates the right questions to ask.

1. What will I put in it?

“One of the first criteria for choosing a bag is volume one is necessarily linked to.” Modern tools “that we will carry: computer, iPad , etc. More and more men want have a tote bag to extend the working day, and go to sports, for example. in this case, it favors a larger size bag (15 to 17 inches and more) in a lightweight material with many pockets . bags small (13 to 15 inches) are also increasing. Worn over the shoulder, they are specially designed to store just an iPad and a wallet, and easy to open. ”

2. What is the means of transport I use?

“The mode of travel is also important when choosing a bag. If one moves to bike or motorcycle, we must of course take account of climatic constraints. Look for materials like leather resistant to water or coated canvas. Metro users seek, in turn, protect what’s inside with zippered pockets. ”

3. With what am I going to match it?

“A priori, it matches the shoes to pants, and bags to shoes. The amateurs Berluti will more easily opt for a chic bag in sober tones, like a small briefcase for example. If you wear instead of Red Wing (boots site), you can associate them with a more casual bag, in a raw material or grainy. But it may also have wanted to play on the contrast to make a silhouette touch of fantasy. ”

4. How to recognize a good quality bag?

“First, we must choose the material. It favors waterproof canvas, cotton with a heavy weight.

For leather, you have to look the thickness and from the skin. France, Italy, Belgium or Germany are recognized production countries and above all, we are close, which usually promises a serious follow.Conversely, it begs the question of the quality of leather produced inBangladesh , often in miserable conditions on one hand, and tanned with heavy agents such as chromium, which can be toxic. Beware also of leather coating that may crack, and liners that are sometimes used as fig leaf.

Finally, you better be attentive to the quality of the assembly. Handle or shoulder strap are preferably attached by stitching but also rivets.The strength will depend on the shape of the bite-the “Diamond sting”, cross-shaped, offers maximale-resistance but also of matter, being the most durable leather that does not deform. Finally, the most robust metal parts are those brass [yellow metal but lighter than bronze].”

Maintenance Tips for a leather bag

“Above all, do not waterproof. That would change its nature and could give it a plastic appearance. When it is dirty, leather milk can apply it with a clean cloth. The bag then return to its original patina, and will be nurtured . ”

Alexandre Rousseau-Viel is designer and co-creator of the brand bags Blue heating.