The Tote Bag

To find a functional bag and at the same time stylish bag is rarely an easy task. Either your bag too bulky to carry with them to work or just too small to hold even important documents. For available times when the portfolio is too strict and is far too large weekend bag tote bag a brilliant option. Spacious, flexible and not least stylish.

It is possible to find many arguments to choose this type of bag. Especially for those who think that a portfolio is something formal to wear for everyday make up tote bag a perfect alternative. In leather embodiment or with leather details are actually the difference is not very large for the portfolio. At the same time, this model is usually much more flexible in their design. Although it is never particularly neat to stuff a bag full of paper and books allows the tote bag is clearly a greater variety of documents without form is destroyed completely. Especially when it comes to bags in fabric.

The pared-down design is easy to combine and can wear to most styles. To a casual outfit with jeans and a pullover gives it a natural impression, while it into a well-tailored suit provides a sophisticated feel without feeling anything for business. In addition, it makes it a very good complement to other väsktyper For a person needs to carry around large amounts of paper documents, this model can serve as an excellent complement to the portfolio, for example, to better distribute the weight instead of all the weight ends up on one sleeve and shaft.