The Photo Bag – Reliable Protection for Your Equipment

Spring is in the starting blocks and bring nature back to the awakening. Colorful flower meadows, warm rays of the Sun, and buds of buds offer not only beautiful pictures, they arouse the desire to travel. In order to hold great designs, the camera or the camera is an important companion – as well as the right camera bag.

So no motive and no moment when the spring walk all or city break to lose you, you should have your camera always ready. With a special photo backpack or a camera bag, which is sure to accommodate your particular equipment and at the same time keep the free hands to photograph you, you are perfectly equipped.

If you’re planning a photo tour of the flowery spring-scenery or some other excursion, you should consider how much photo equipment you need. This estimate also space for handkerchiefs, bread box and water bottle. In WATERBOTTLESSHOP you will find many different models and styles.

When purchasing a photo backpack or bag on a clean and good seams and select a sturdy and waterproof material. In addition, mesh pockets and demarcated compartments in the interior as well as exterior side pockets are very practical to safely store small equipment such as battery, charger and memory card. Sufficient cushioning is particularly important, so that your camera from knocks is optimally protected.

A well padded and wider shoulder strap as well as a sturdy carrying handle is also important, so that the transport will be pleasant for you. High-quality and functional models that can score in the design including find ORTLIEB and Crumpler.

If you like it very minimalist and functional, ORTLIEB has also more compact camera bags for you. The models protect, Aqua-zoom and Aqua-cam for example are particularly small and light and with a water-repellent sealing lip lock. And now comes the kicker: fasteners for attaching a special photo bags carry system located on back of bag. More compact and convenient you can pack your camera hardly.

Now only the question what is better is: photo bag or backpack? To give you a little help of the decision, we were here a couple have faced pros and cons aspects of each model.

Often it is in life so that there are moments in which you need exactly what you have forgotten at home. Technical equipment is of course the charging cable at the top. I have to do in fact this experience in my recent holiday in Cyprus. That’s why we have a checklist that summarizes the most important paraphernalia.

What Was in the Bag?

  • various lenses, to be prepared for any situation
  • charged change battery
  • Charging cable
  • additional memory card
  • Tripod
  • Notebook
  • If needed a laptop, to examine the images locally or edit
  • Catering
  • Rain protection, if not integrated in the Pocket

What is it you at the right camera bag? Or have you opted for a photo backpack? I’m looking forward to your reports!