The Lover of Lancel

The Parisian brand launches an adorable little model that concentrates its history and experience in the leather.

The newest member of the Lancel bags is very discreet. Small size for a door shoulder, under the arm, near the heart… not surprising that Leonello Borghi, Director artistic claw, has baptized him The lover!

The original idea was to create a “small bag jewel for a modern woman”

that draws in life with both hands free. It was also to enter the story house based on the design of previous models.

Also the’ lover he borrows its volume to a reticle of the 1990s and, especially, his clever game of double flap and clasp to creations of the leather goods in the seventies.

At the time, women earned freedoms every day a little more. Stylistic metaphor of Borghi, novelty fall 2012 Lancel has a removable case that can be used as cover of the evening to still feel freer at nightfall.

The way and details of this new bag also tell the story of this brand that has made a name in the luggage and how to leather, after seeing the day as factory of articles for smoking in 1876.

Forty pieces in leather and metal make it up. Each is mounted, cut, sewn and self-absorbed by hand with infinite precision due to the small size of the model. Its manufacture to the unit can reach thirty hours. And be clearly superior when it comes to even rarer versions way croco leather.

Dream leather

Available in three colors – mocha, raspberry, and ivory from €590-, The lover bag is fashioned in lamb phoned Lancel leather in Paris.

Particular its quality, flexibility, and his touch “candle” are related to its European origins. And more particularly his tanning, near Florence in Italy, which gives it its great.