Stylish Small Bags

Seal, Tote and other XXS satchels bags contain the bare minimum to carry a maximum of style. The evidence with the 47 models (reduced) our selection.

Stylish Small Bags

It is clear that the micro bag took the honorific title of “it-bag” at the expense of its stylistic opposite, the oversize bag. Thus, the brands of luxury leather goods-as signs of fast-fashion-shrink their initial models:

the Mythical Classic First of Balenciaga in the eponym of Stella McCartney Falabella bag through the emblematic Drew of Chloe bag.

  • The variations of the small bag

Lighter and less bulky than a classic bag, mini bag is along the body (if it is equipped with a shoulder strap) or by hand (if it has a short handle). Revisited by the biggest brands, the smaller bags appears to trendy girls arm declined in all its forms: seal bag with fringes at Burberry, vermeille backpack at Mango, Binder flashy at Mark Cross, or still on graphic satchel Monoprix.

  • The small bag, chic version

To play the card of elegance, point need to do too much: layering of clothes or accessories accumulation. We opted for a sober and solid – piece like a dress or a combination – to the cuts and minimalist inflection in order to make the best your bag: this (small) stylistic detail that makes the difference (all).

  • The small bag, casual version

Conversely, if your dress mood gives free rein to relax, bet on the small shoulder bag that gives a complete freedom of movement. Another advantage: it enhances any outfit, even the more cosy: shorts-sneakers, jean-ballerinas… etc. We choose graphic, structured so that he (ap) carries a maximum of style.

See our selection of small bags for spring-summer 2016 in the slideshow.