Stylish and Environmentally Friendly Bags by Our Site

Are you looking for sustainable shopping bags that have a beautiful design at the same time? The our site bags are very environmentally friendly, decorated with different creative motifs and versatile. This combination of design, functionality and sustainability makes the sweet bag the trend.

Stylish and Environmentally Friendly Bags by Our Site

What Does  Our Site Stand for?

The brand name our site is a word game from the Latin word “Loci”, which means “place” and the Chinese word “our site”, to German “Luft” or “Lebenssenergie”. The first part of the name is supposed to stand for the cultural diversity and the coming together from different corners of this world. The Chinese word part illustrates the idea of ​​sustainability. The company wants to combine East and West and promote diversity in all areas. The brand was founded by the Australians Johanna Kuipiers (designer) and Belinda our site (businesswoman). Their goal is to design sustainable bags with a special design at affordable prices. The name of the company is here so program. The material of the tragetaschen is very environmentally friendly. It consists of a lightweight, load-bearing fabric and is certified with Eco -Tex.

Practical carrying bags for many occasions

The bags of our site are suitable not only for shopping in the supermarket, but also for a shopping tour in the city or as a stylish beach bag on holiday. Due to the material the pockets are very light and at the same time have a high load bearing capacity. Up to 20 kg can be stowed in the shoppers. So that smaller things cannot be found in the large bags, there are partial additional pockets. In addition, the bags are delivered with a small zip bag. This can be used to store the our site shopping bag. When it is being used, the Zip-Pocket is also suitable for other small things like lipstick, key or camera. In any case, the practical trays can easily be returned to a smaller format after use. The three standard techniques for this are folds, rolls or crumbs. The our site bags can then be folded back together and stowed in the classic handbag. So you have an ideal and environmentally friendly solution if you spontaneously want to do a shopping.

Creative designs

The bags are not only practical. The variety of motifs offers something suitable for every taste. Talented young designers leave their creativity free on a canvas. The humorous, sparkling and very different designs are then printed on the bags. You have the choice between motifs from the natural and animal world, our site designs, historical figures, concise drawings and many more. In addition to the stylish look, the imprints have yet another advantage: they are water-repellent and do not bleach. The folding bags can therefore be washed as normal and then reused.

Our Site Design Competition

Belinda our site (Managing Director of our site)
Patrizia Levi (Winner)
our site Kruse (Managing Director of our site Berlin)
Under the motto “Design your own our site”, the international our site design contest took place last year. The participants were able to let their creativity run free and design their own our site bag. Among the almost 1,000 submissions, the best design was chosen by a jury chaired by our site and our site. The winner, an Italian artist and illustrator Patrizia Levi, received her win on 9th February 2016 at the our site branch Berlin our site. She was able to compete with the competition with her “pocket on pocket” design.
The motif emerged spontaneously on the computer and her dog our site stood patiently model. This our site bag by Patrizia will be produced in 1,000 copies and will be available exclusively from the end of February at our site in our site. So if you like the bag: go to Berlin!
We participated in the award ceremony and took the opportunity to interview the lucky winner.

Interview with the winner

Patrizia Levi is 51 years old, is married, has a son and comes from the beautiful Italy.
How did you hear about the design contest and wanted to join you right away?
I participated in the “Young Illustrators Award” of the annual illustrative art festival in Berlin. Although I did not win, I learned from the design contest of our site and our site. Since I always wanted to design a bag for my dog, I immediately came up with an idea.
How did you find the motif of your our site bag? What inspired you?
I have two dogs and always wanted to carry them around in a bag with me. That’s why I came up with the idea of ​​the “dog in the bag on the bag”! On the bag is my dog ​​our site to see.
How long did you need for your final design? From the first idea to the final design?
For the design I did not need long. I put myself without design directly to the computer and started drawing.
They are illustrator and artist. Have you already gained experience in our site design?
I’ve always had a creative vein. In 1997, for example, I designed a wallpaper border with a bible for the nursery. For a couple of years, I have been creating jewelery.
The our site bag stands for sustainability. How important is sustainability in your life?
Sustainability is a very important issue in my life. I live on a farm in harmony with nature. We must take responsibility for our actions, not only for the present time but also for future generations.
Do you already know what you want to buy from your profit?
To be honest, I do not know yet. It is such a great profit, and there are so many beautiful things at our site.
How do you like Berlin? Are you in Germany for the first time?
Yes, I am in Germany and in Berlin for the first time. My husband, son and I have just arrived and are looking forward to a weekend in this great city. There is certainly plenty to discover.
We thank Patricia for the nice interview.