Stella McCartney and Her Handbag Inspired by West

I admit, I have a slight aversion to Stella McCarney and although I admit that some of his designs are very good, I can’t always look them with critical eye, maybe that so far not I has spoken of none of their models on this blog…

Finally, aside from the personal tastes, explanations, and to jump this pattern that I spoke, today I will talk about one of their bags that I must admit that I thought really original despite looking at it from what we might call the dark side.

It is of the East West Clutch that you see in the image above, something completely different and I must admit that today is what I seek, originality and style.

The bag is inspired by the old West, in the rigid outside, on the inside soft and feminine side. The outer part mimics a kind of wooden crate, with closures in Golden, one of them with the logo of the House of Stella McCartney. Perfect to accent with charm to any evening dress.