Sisley Bags Winter

We show images of the catalog of bags and shoes that Sisley offers us for the ‘fall-winter 2011-2012, a line according to photos, seems to be designed for all our tastes and our needs, because in addition to the choice of colors more classics, perhaps even more typical winter, the brand created a collection where you can find many models, from classic and elegant to the more youthful and saucy, the timeless boots winter designed in many variations, the most sports shoes and bright, the all in conjunction with the line of bags, waiting to be discovered! Let’s see the collection!

We are in a period in which many brands that offer us new ideas and above all the new trends for fall winter 2011-2012, we have seen the most classic collections such as Nero Giardini, and other more properly young and playful as the beautiful Fornarina accessories line, bubbly and saucy.

looks like Sisley expected to lie somewhere between the two tendencies, trying to create forms and patterns that adapt to different tastes and characters. So as you can see in the pictures of the gallery, there are very beautiful boots designed with a high heel but also with a more comfortable low-heeled, coordinated with shopping bags, trunks, clutch and handbag in fantasies as depicted in the line of shoes. Not lack brogues, and most elegant Pumps with ankle boots, while the opposite pole find sneakers sports always think the same reasons of matching grants.

Not bad, do not you think? Which you prefer pairing?