Sienna Miller Prada Saffiano

Sometimes we girls we fix something and not give up the most, with bags often happens, right? For example, I recently I set with my handbag in purple velvet with a felt flower on the front, I take her everywhere. We can afford to always go out with the same bag without anyone tell us anything, for celebrity is not so simple, look at that endless parade of photos depicting the actress Sienna Miller always with the same bag Prada!

Sienna Miller must have lost its head for the Prada tote in red saffiano, I must say that this bag has been extremely successful regardless of her, was chosen by Penelope Cruz , Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue and Eva Mendes.

The Prada Saffiano Tote & Fabric is a cute bag and very versatile, as you can see Sienna Miller combines virtually every outfit imaginable, from mini dress summer and clear, the jeans clothing for jogging, of everything!

In the photo gallery you will find several photos where you can see what Sienna Miller adore this Prada bag of the autumn winter 2009 2010.