Shoulder Bag Women’s

Michele is worried: “What do we do… on buys this urban backpack … Even Comptoir des Cotonniers comes from?” Come out “a mimi” Mademoiselle Plume “. Last year, the general was still riding too! I wait anxiously to know… especially… when one no longer 17 1/2 …”

Like what, it’s not always easy to tell the difference between what the trend offers us and our desires! Even when we have more 17 years half … If there is a bag that does not make me dream , he is thebackpack. And what do I see on the Alberta Ferretti instagram? The backpack of the spring-summer 2016…

Okay, I do not put myself in the shelter of a possible turnaround jacket … Besides, I recently fell for the (big) backpack American Apparel cut denim in a beautiful and ideal for my escapades Picard.

My hiking bag, looks like Michele.

For sure, well designed, the city of backpack can we avoid neck pain caused by daily wear a bag on the same shoulder for 25 years. And physical therapy sessions that follow.

It is also necessary that the shoulder straps are wide enough and that the bag is pressed close to the back.

I have a doubt.

Let’s say the backpack winter 2015 mocks this role. He wants to “just” to put at the forefront of new desirable objects.

A Chance is left to him?

Yes, but not just a bag is back!

He who boasts of being the top of the trend has nothing to do with its fold-Folding bags (I see too often on the back of business women), or with a big backpack colorful nylon (it is not in high school) or with a small backpack classic leather (outdated).

It is mini (easier to live)

It is a good size (practical but less easy to squeeze in a silhouette)

It is leather, suede, velvet, fringed, colored …

=> In short, it must have a minimum of draws .

We adopt?

Yes (or not) but not with any style!

The backpack was never a symbol of elegance (but after all, we are not obliged to be at the pinnacle of chic everyday).

In any case, hard to imagine with a classic silhouette or “lady”. There, it makes you take ten years.

He likes best in a relaxed, boyish, junior or very lookée.

Is this your case?

For my part, even after reflection, I prefer him without hesitation my shoulder bags.

You have the right not to agree with me !!!!

And it may be flexible  as the famous bag CHALK that does not look like a shoulder bag (that’s why it pleases Hartselleclothing) and can be worn on the back, shoulder, shoulder or by hand. This changes everything!

Ready to lug your home on the back?

*** I take this opportunity to slip the replay of the show The Daily(France 5) in which I participated. The theme: Small, large, beefy … how to dress.  ***