Sac Python APC

Every day our heart fashion shopper shot during sales.

Today, craving the little bag dedicated to contain only the essentials.

Question: can we walk her life in a microwave bag? Subscribes to bag tote, the issue has never really asked. At random and in an emergency, we balance everything, including the elements “that can still be used” inevitably destined to turn into parasites and heavy components at the end of the day.

Make balances is an opportunity to mark the entry point for new clothing habits. Will offer a new approach, lighten his draws. In short, the obsession to empty we won. To satisfy this new dream, you better be helped by a divine bag. So even in sales, it may cost the price of a round trip to the sun (in advance if you take it, huh), but he has enough brighten the coming rainy days.

Wear with denim printed python

To adopt the python print without turning old bag, the focus is on neutral tones and denim. Above all, it bears the very short shoulder strap. Oh, and to the question of living minimum, we learn with this little wonder that our tote bag was too loaded. In addition to a stylish moment, we offer a meeting “of the empty art” in Japanese.

Bag Greenwich APC 238 euros instead of 340 euros