Running Backpack Reviews

The Backpack And Backpack “Vest”
The classic backpack is not left out for the practice of trail running. This type of bag to an important compartment in the back. The latter can be subdivided or not. By general rule hydration system is realized through a hydration pocket. Some models offer additional pockets on the hip belt or on the straps. We can take for example the product line Agile proposed by Solomon.

The back of vest type bag. It is one that will remain in place, being placed on the upper back and wrapping his arms. The straps are fully part of the backpack and the products are more or less rounded. This type of backpack is often compatible with different hydration systems. Side capacity, we find them from 3 to 12 liters. 12 liters is a prized ability to 45km races to the ultras trials.

The design is close to the body and is often crafted in elastic materials. The backpacks are made with Internetsailors in several sizes to best suit your body. Some models have bellows to fit perfectly to the charge and others prefer to offer elastic mesh pockets.

The pockets are very diversified and spread all along the vest. Mainly there are two cans doors on the straps together many small pockets. Then, under the arms, large pockets are made to transport your food reserve. Finally, on the back of various sizes of compartments to organize your material. Here are some examples :

  • Grivel Mountain Runner
  • Camp Trail Vest
  • Ultimate Direction Pb Adventure Vest
  • Dynafit Enduro 12
  • Salomon Skin Pro
  • S-Lab Adv Skin

For women builders have thought to it, developing straps to avoid irritation at best on the chest. Also, the backpacks are narrower to fit the female form.

Our women’s collection.

In Conclusion
It is very important to target the purpose of your practice. If you plan to participate in long distance races, take knowledge of required equipment and where it will take place, in order to anticipate the additional hardware. In these cases, you need a vest-type backpack with a capacity of between 10 to 12 liters.

If you will use on medium distance races, it is possible that a bag with a capacity of between 5 to 10 liters is sufficient. Find the required equipment and supplies, because it is possible that a hip belt is sufficient. Finally, for short distances or for workouts you have a wide choice. We recommend you to take your workouts to test your hardware to know and learn to use it. For example, if you use sticks, understand manip` to take and store requires some training. Following we show you the list of mandatory equipment for UTMB 2012 (for example), an often repeated list on trails ranging from 45 km distance ultra:

UTMB 2012 (166km, semi autonomy):

Compulsory equipment:

  • mobile phone with option enabling its use in the three countries (put in his repertoire the security numbers of the organization, keep his phone switched on, does not hide its number and do not forget to leave with a charged batteries)
  • Cup 15cl minimum staff (excluding cans)
  • minimum 1 liter water reserve
  • Two lamps in good working order with spare batteries for each lamp
  • Blanket of 1,40m x 2m minimum
  • Whistle
  • adhesive elastic band to make a bandage or a strapping (mini 100cm x 6 cm)
  • food reserve
  • Jacket with hood and made with a membrane (Gore-Tex or similar) waterproof (minimum recommended 10,000 Schmerber) and breathable (RET advised less than 13) for supporting the bad weather in the mountains
  • Or pants legs long running tights OR combination of tights and socks covering fully leg
  • warm clothing with long sleeves (type «second layer», cotton excluded) with a weight of 180g minimum cap or bandana or equivalent
  • Bonnet
  • warm and waterproof gloves
  • waterproof over-trousers