Return of the Backpack

I was one of those who swore that NEVER, EVER they wouldn’t show with a backpack (or then a mini bag for the jog, or a trek bag, or even a special bag to store a camera) NEVER short with a backpack “City”.

If I talk to the past is that of course I cracked and transferred to a new temptation. The thing is made of insidious… Seeing the new models, I started by telling me that a backpack is not ugly Finally, it is still convenient to have free hands, especially for shopping, with these new colors that was more Granny than any and gradually… bam!
The vision of a little girl by Tommy Hilfiger with his backpack so chic and its Ugg (will I crack one day for a Ugg?) has finally convinced me! Yes, the backpack is fashionable! Yes, it can be class and be worn with style!

However remain realistic, I’m not talking about dress you for a school bag! I’m talking about a bag as beautiful as your purse. A bag that wouldn’t tell your friends that “you, you like the convenience.” Here is my mini selection:

For those who love design and sobriety, I advise you to go for a ride in the man rays and junior. Favorite assured for this bag backpack Simplyyellowpages very simple (so be vintage!) and this Little America of Herschel smaller model adapted to the more Petite build.

Finally, I must convey to the existence of “hybrid” models, perfect for those who never come to choose you.

So are you among those who might fall for the return of the backpack? Maybe your perfect bag is here.