Rental of Bags

Here are some selected by Marie luxury bag rental sites that allow you to carry the bag of your dreams for a night or more without breaking the Bank!

Rental bag: of it-bags at your fingertips!

For those who have dreamed of wearing an bag it without the means to buy & hehellip; Thankfully, through the rental of luxury bag this becomes possible! What impress your friends with the latest it bag spotted on Alexa Chung or even the Chanel bag on which you fantasize for years. This concept from the United States landed for some time in France through four web.

The rental of luxury bag is very simple: you visit one of the sites, you can choose from the proposed bags, then, when your heart is cast, you order. The bag is then delivered to homes between 24 and 48 h. Usage, you send it back using the prepaid package that will be provided to you at the delivery. Too easy!

Prices oscillate between 14, 20 and 80 euros the week, and the bag is at least either for a week rental for fifteen days. And if you are short of ideas for gifts, the sites offer even to offer a rental to the person of your choice! A must.
The only problem (nobody is perfect), is that the sites are victims of their success! As a result, some of our faves are already (and for a long time?) on waiting list.
So don’t waste any more time and get these wonders-click!

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Rental of bag: bag of a day

A day bag offers clients a unique rental service bags to hand of the most prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Chloe for a unlimited rental period. You just register for free on the site and you can order by accessing the catalog. Ordering is fast, within 24 hours you will receive your handbag at home. The prices are very affordable, varying between 40 euros to 240 euros per month.

Extra bonus: you have not found your favorite on the site? You can order by going to the section “offer a bag”, in two clicks you ask one of the bags you want to rent for your future evening! You do not need to define in advance the term of your lease, you simply return the bag when you no longer want.

Little less: you have to rent your minimum bag a week. Shipping costs are high 20 euros.

Rental of bag: check my bag

Check my bag:

Check my bag offers you to rent a little jewel in addition to the bag. For rent, simply register either with an account free either as a Vip to receive all Member benefits. There is no limit, you can renew your rental as long as your account allows. The rental amount will depend on the amount or the term you choose.

The little extra: for all those who would like to get rid of their old bag, the site offers to take your bags and put them on sale in the topic “deposit sale” site.

Little less: to receive discounts and benefits to subscribe (paying) and take the pass.

Bag rental: luxury bag

Luxury bag offers luxury bags, jewelry for rent by the week or month (from 20 euros…). A weekend with friends at the edge of the sea or an evening plugged, opportunities are good to rent a bag. The principle is the same, you just create an account on the site and choose in the catalogue the bag you want to rent.

Extra bonus: want to give pleasure to your best friend? You can use the gift certificate, it will thanks to this little coupon rent the bag of his dreams. For all those who have not found their favorite, it is possible to access a waiting list that will be implemented with priority on the rental of the bag. Finally, you would like to buy it, the site agrees to sell it to you, simply contact customer service that will make you a proposal to purchase.

The least little: little disadvantage of rental, the site offers a 2 weeks minimum rental period and the availability of bags is not obvious, there are a lot of people on the waiting list.

Rental of bag: Revolushion

Shoppingpicks offers rentals of bags and jewellery to luxury brands. The command is very fast. In two minutes, you register on the site for free and you can see the different bags. Rental is unlimited. You can strut with glass it bag for a weekend (3 days), a week or a month. Your bag is then mailed to your address within 24 hours. At the end of your rental, you will receive an email telling you that the due date of your rental is completed and you can decide to renew by going to the site or send it back with the pre-paid return coupon.

Extra bonus: you saw a bag that you liked but the price exceeds your budget? No problem, the site offers a leasing. Each month, you pay a fixed amount, and at the end of the lease, if you fell in love, you can decide to buy it. You will be certainly at the forefront of the latest trends because the site keeps you informed of the latest news. What could be better!

Little less: rentals are quite expensive and waiting lists are quite long!

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